Tuesday, 12 June 2012

More work!

Sunday afternoon we were offered another piece of allotment. Truth is we did ask and have been watching a few, but this is one we would rather it not have been. Why? Well so many are neglected because people can't be bothered but this one the chap became seriously ill over winter and it is now too much for him. The one further up the picture is just plain not looked after. Anyway, someone has kindly weedkillered most of it (about 10 days ago) except a spot with some flowering leeks in. So the challenge is to get it producing so late in the planting season.
So yesterday I took a couple of hours to make a start and get the weed cleared and some digging done. Unfortunately rain came in before I got very far but, leaving a path (a sort of zone to prevent disputes really) I started. and although I didn't get very far through the heap of weeds grew rapidly.
Although 'roundup' was used it surprised me that under the top coat of dead weeds there was still so much life! Nothing wrong with a spade to shift weeds though.