Saturday, 20 February 2010

Reflections on a birthday...

What did I want for my birthday?  I don't have so many things. I could do with another laptop, a digital camera, memory for my laptop, a new scroll mouse, a day riding heavy horses - the list is endless, but what did I want for my birthday?

Well truly none of them. It was my 55th and I had always hoped to retire by my 55th and I had achieved it. What I wanted for my birthday was surprises! Small surprises. I wanted a happy day, not just for me, but for my family too. I wanted memories of a day enjoyed.

Was I disappointed?  Certainly not! Having just finished an excellent book I was looking forward to starting another and a good book always leaves you with a warm glow for a while.

An early start and out for a walk with Dylan in a magical wonderland of snow made a fantastic start to the day.

We returned home and opened presents. T-shirts - probably the most useful item in my wardrobe as they layer in winter, go in the gym and are great for summer too. One had a Haynes manual cover reproduction on, one was a 'popeye' and a plain one - all absolutely great! Books, always a welcome present. Sweets and snacks - Liquorice, jellied fruits, dates, wine gums - you name it and all low fat! Toys and snacks for Dylan and other things. All great and really appreciated.

I then squandered time on facebook while people got ready but we were running late so rather than stress and rush we rescheduled the day to have dinner before we went out.

We then went, with Dylan, to Monsal Head to go for a short walk through the Dale and along the trail, where he played with his new toys in games of 'fetch', before returning to the café at the head. They should have been closed but they gave us tea and hot chocolate and cake for Lizzie.

It was then getting too late and we returned home to sandwiches, cake and a video followed by a final walk of the day Dylan. Finally, a brief spell on facebook replying to the many birthday wishes from my facebook friends. A truly lovely day with lots of memories.

Regrets? Forgetting the camera for the first walk of the day AND the trip to Monsal Head. Also it was a shame that the café had no scones and jam, but it was the end of the day and we did get tea.

So did I get what I want for my birthday? I most certainly did - and in spades! And Many thanks to everyone who helped to make it so!

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