Sunday, 21 November 2010

First day at the allotment

The previous occupant of our plot quit the allotment rather abruptly and left a lot of things behind. We haven't identified everything yet but are trying to 'tidy up'.

I have started by moving some of the blue plastic out of site and gathering up the bags with compost that have been left sitting around and consolidating them into the compost heaps at the back. I have also been clearing brambles from along the back fence and consigning them to the council bin as they don't compost at all well.

Amongst the things left on the allotment is a poly-tunnel which has 3 young vines in. We are still deciding whether this stays or goes.

After that I have been clearing some of the surface weeds and seeing what lurks below..
Various brassicas are still there in various conditions.

There is a patch of carrots and these are gigantic. I suspect some could enter the 'Dibley Village Rude Vegetable' competition.
There is a patch of beetroot and mostly of a good size.
A raspberry pretending to be a bramble.
A gooseberry bush - no babies I'm pleased to say.
Autumn fruiting raspberry. And what's more...
it's still in fruit.
Various fruit trees, but only 2 are labeled - A Granny Smith Apple and a Conference Pear.
7 or 8 trees in all, but mostly too close together.

Not sure what this is so we need to 'look it up'.

So I brought a little home with me while we decide how to store the carrots and beetroot.

On top of all this there are currant bushes as well, but I missed out on photos of them!

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