Friday, 17 June 2011

With every fork full the plot gets smaller

It's a juggling act at the moment between digging and planting and trying to keep the weeds at bay and under control. We seem to be about on target with planting so today I took the opportunity to get some tidying done. When I was given the shed I also got 5 fencing panels at the same time. The panels are six feet square and a bit worse for wear so I decided that they needed taking to pieces to make them go further.

Our plot edges onto the area known by the association as "The Wild" - it's the only plot that does. The Wild is a collection of various plants but the most wild is the bramble which is constantly trying to get across the plot. This makes it very difficult to get a proper edge to the plot. Having taken one of the panels to pieces I have erected a small fence to define the edge of the plot - Nothing May Cross The Line!

This section is made of four sections each of six feet wide (about) and it was made from one panel. I have taken a second one to pieces ready to do the next section and this will finish this run. I now have to dream up a way to use the other 3 panels!
The poly tunnel/lean to is about complete, although as its a prototype it will keep having little changes made, and is now the home of courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes and aubergines. I have also set up a self watering mechanism. Rain falls on the shed roof and is collected in a water butt with it's tap turned on and is delivered by a hose system, drop by drop, to the plants. It is nice and warm and humid and the plants seem to be doing well enough. But space on the plot is at a premium so on the other side of the shed, by the path, we have planted a few tomatoes.

 Of the trees the trees that were planted on the plot before we took it over there are only a couple that show any serious attempts at fruit this year although it was a very bad winter. There is one apple with a few set apples and this pear tree which has quite a lot of fruit and I am looking forward to it being ready to pick.

We have spent time this week planting peas, beetroot, lettuce radish, tomatoes, broccoli and more and have ambitions to plant a lot more and soon, including cabbage, peas, various types of beans and are starting to worry where it will all go!

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