Friday, 29 July 2011

First Runners

Today's pickings...

Too busy to list on twitter!!

The shopping bag is runner beans - freezer bound for most of them. Lots more to pick.

The Peas include some of the first Alderman peas, which are looking very good this year.

The blackberries are an incidental and while we have to keep clipping them back off the allotment, they do border two sides so there's lots to come - and they are OURS!

Our first cucumber of the season and a couple more courgettes - one is a little big and was hiding. Probably the courgettes are for the freezer as they are coming thick and fast - too fast.

And our first runner beans from the allotment - Painted Ladies.

Also another good cabbage with about 5 more to come and a couple of lettuce.

We are getting a good crop in our first year.

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