Tuesday, 6 December 2011

At last - A Window Sill!

Progress this week has been a couple of smallish steps but ones that feel like giant leaps.

The first was the addition of the roof. It was very cold when I came to do it and I had to keep re-attaching my fingers as they fell off. Not really good to be applying bitumen products at that temperature but got out the trusty heat gun and in just a couple of seconds the flashing tape was soft and sticky. I has rained a few times since it went on and so far not signs of any leaks so I am hopeful I have done a reasonable job.

The other step completed this week was the addition of window sills. Again cut from reclaimed timber and cut and shaped on the saw table I was pleased that at the end the job was better than I expected, although not as good as I dreamed it would be. They stand proud from the wall to make space for rendering but they really make the woodwork start to feel like window frames instead of a wooden roof support.

Next step is to start to add the windows, but not today as it was just a mite too wet.

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