Monday, 13 February 2012

The old ones...

Saturday.. Horse riding in the afternoon so we decide to go see the in-laws for a brief visit in the morning to make sure that they are OK, it having been very cold. I phoned Friday night to see if they had got out shopping and they hadn't, not because of the weather but because the nurse had phoned from the surgery and she was coming round for blood samples. I told Granddad that we were going to seen them and if there was anything they needed then to give us a call before we set out. "What time are you coming?" "Elevenish" "OK, we'll call before then". Saturday morning and the phone goes. It's Grandma. "Are you coming over?". Well Granddad is NOT senile in anyway at all so what was this about? "What are you coming over for?". I explained and was there anything they needed. "No".

I relayed this rather weird phone call to Wifey... "They want us to take them shopping, I'll bet"

We arrive and Wifey asks them "Do you want us to take you shopping?". Coats and boots appear as if by magic and leaving Dylan and Second Only Child minding the house we go. They are cunning and knew exactly what we had suggested but didn't like to ask.

Grandma, whose mobility is very limited, grabs a shopping trolley and is off like a rabbit from the traps. Both are over 90 now and although their mobility is limited they refuse to use wheelchairs or motorised scooters of any sort, in fact at the hospital recently the surgeon asked Granddad if he wanted a wheelchair and he said "Not for a good few years yet!".

Their weekly shopping trip is the only time they actually leave the house and garden and so they hadn't seen the snow outside - and in fact they didn't realise that they were about the only ones with any left! Second Only Child had insisted we keep Dylan in the car while she first footed the lawns. I'm not sure which is the bigger kid because Dylan immediately set about 'getting' everywhere she had missed! (It's not just people then?)

I was surprised how quickly they shopped but there was still tension about being 'late' for lunch before riding.

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