Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Quite a change

Yesterday ended up a bit pressured which was very much a shame really. I have been spending a few days helping out with a server re-installation after a virus severely damaged a DC server running SBS and left it at the point where correction of the corruption was not practically possible. I had spent 4 days on it last week where 1 day had been severely curtailed because of a power cut. I had spent a little time setting up a wifi router and licking my wounds while assessing everything I could think of that needed to be done to finish up over the weekend and REALLY hoped to get finished in 1 more day. Things started well and it looked like things were going to be fine but then the XP client I had been rebuilding after it's problems with viruses took longer to patch itself than I had bargained for as well as the new Vista client we were installing taking too long to patch.

At 2:00 pm I still hoped to get everything done in time to get away for about 3-3:30. I then found a 12 page document for 1 product I had to install and things didn't look so good.

Come 3:45 I really had to leave because, having only one car now, I had to get home in order to get SOC to Pony Club at 6:00.  The traffic was much lighter than I expected but still only had just about enough time and the end of day rush sort of marred the job, which was a shame as I was working with a very nice group of people and generally things went quite well.

SOC did enjoy Pony Club though in which they covered road safety while I sat in the car licking my wounds still and assessing what I had left undone.

I now have a fair few jobs at home I need to get finished this week Although one job I am not going to find time for this week is building my bookcase. Having cut most of the wood and routed the edges I now have to finish it all off by hand with cleaning, sanding and smoothing before assembly. To be so close but not finished is a little irritating but we have to take the rough with the smooth.  I will get to the gym today though and after Sunday's personal best of 27'57" for 5k on the treadmill I look forward to repeating that (if not bettering!).

It has been a fun few days in which I like to think we have helped them out and get them to a more robust state than they were before.

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