Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Current Projects

It has been a manic time for me. You too? Well, of course it has because it has been the run up to Christmas. But I have been busy and started to put my bookcase together. Here we see it unglued just put together to check everything works and it seems to, although the backboards have yet to be cut to size.

All the wood involved is reclaimed wood from different people so it is of different colours and finishes. the first this is to sand off the old finishes and then we will stain it up. I would like to wax it and leave it mostly in it's original colour, but where we want it we need it to be a teaky colour, so stained it will be. Once complete it will be able to house some of my Christmas presents from kind publishers!

While I have been working on this I have also been doing a paid job of work again although only for 7 days. I was surprised at how much fun it is now. I was a little anxious having not 'worked' for 15 months and I 'retired' because it was no longer the hobby it had been. But after a 15 month break it was good and fun to be back at it and I am grateful to friends for the chance.

I now have a happy Christmas planned after which I will resume the bookcase and move on to trying to renovate a carburettor for a friend.

Life is good, don't let anyone say otherwise.

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