Friday, 10 July 2009

A changeable week

The weather has been anything but settled and as a result I have done a variety of things this week. Been working on my 'fedora' PC. It appears as user friendly as a cornered rat, but then it's what you get used to. It's working, it's stable and now I want to Samba working on it. Seem to have an IP issue with the laptop though. Fix those another day though because the weather brightened and went out and had another go at fixing those clippers of the in-laws. Ended up making a part from an old biscuit tin lid. Not very scientific, but I cannot abide trying to find parts and then having to wait for them to arrive - if you find them. Seems to work fine and this weekend I will do his front hedge.

Been walking a couple of times too and that was nice. The birds in full song and the bees, counted 3 on one plant so it may be a good year for them.

Finally put the paddling pool away - it was green from having had water in too long. The grass under it isn't green though! Give it a week and it should be right as ninepence. My dad always said that, but what is right about ninepence?

Been doing some webwork as well as everything else and watching the tour. The Tour - and what it tour it is proving to be. Armstrong? I say no. I said that last he won though.

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