Friday, 3 July 2009

The weather

One thing I am always amazed at is the English's capacity to moan at the weather. It's too hot, it's too cold - it's never right. It's not like moaning about it will change it and it's not like the weather is new. We have had weather as long as I remember!

This week has been up and down and while, at times I have been uncomfortable with it I have found a way to cope and compromise.

I wanted to do the garden furniture and got started but had to give up, knowing that the sunshine would help the vegetables even though I may have to water them by can.

Today it has rained so I still can't do it, but I have done some work on the ethical stores site and rejoiced in the fact that today I don't need to water.


Life is not fair. If it was then you would deserve what you get, so rejoice in it's not fairness

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