Tuesday, 30 June 2009

They don't make em like they used to

Went to see the in-laws this weekend and he asked me if I could do a job for him.
"Would you cut my leylandi please?"
"Yes, no problem - which one?" says I looking in the direction of the leylandi and wondering why he didn't want them all cutting.
"The one down by Carol's"
I look, I look again and look again.
"What Leylandi?"
"Oh, sorry isn't it a Leylandi? The yew then"
I wander down, believing I know what a yew looks like. Spousey is gathering gooseberries (she's made some LOVELY marmalade and chutney with them!)
"Where's this yew he wants cutting?"
"What yew?" she says looking round.
I go back to him.
"Do you mean the beech hedge?"
"Aye, that'll be it"

Well I start cutting it and the trimmers jam.
"They keep doing that" says he.
Can I clear the jam? Can I 'eck as like!
"Have you tried hitting them on the floor?"
So that's why the cutter is bent! I start taking them to bits expecting to clear the jam with loosening it all off but it won't play, so after training Sunday (Or should that be TRAINing?) I stripped them right down, removed the 'bit' that was floating around and Voila! they work again. I have cut my leylandi with them (and it was leylandi!) and they work fine. Sometimes I surprise myself!

The TRAINing went very well with a society from Bradford visiting and bringing a couple of engines. There were some youngsters (11-14 year olds) amongst them and they spent a lot of time with their eclectric 'diesel' shunting and when the engine 'failed' they set about fixing it themselves. I was well impressed. It's good to see young blood take an interest.

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