Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Less exciting times...

One of those days.

It started dull, became duller and ended up remarkably dull.

It became necessary to 'shop'. I am a normal healthy male and as such have a natural allergy to shopping. It takes a lot of time to drag me around the store so we don't get to the wood on those days.

I then need time to recover and eat. When all this falls on a gym day, there is not a lot of time before I have to go to gym. Sounds like a chore, but I do sort of enjoy it while, at the same time, recognise the beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and cholesterol levels. They say it releases endorphins but I feel that to see a continued improvement in anything we do gives a good feeling of reward. Couldn't face the intended 6.5k today so tried another program and on the mill wound up the speed to 11kph, a .5% (not much but it is >0) incline and 15 minutes. It did truly feel good to finish the exercise. The graphs showed a much more intense activity program and I think I did enjoy it more. I am going to work on this type of program for a while.

Tomorrow we need to go and pick up the last holiday photos and do some 'town' shopping. Although we have digital cameras, our hearts are still in 35mm. Unfortunately the cost of processing has doubled in the last year and digital does have the advantage of you can publish the pictures immediately and we recognise that one day we have to commit to a change over. We still have huge stack of vinyl that we won't part with! We never did eight track though.

Today I finished 'The Portable Door' and true to form it was a very good read. I started reading Tom Holt when in hospital with the heart attack. One of the nurses saw I was reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld books and recommended it and brought me 'Ye Gods!' to read. I was released into the community before I had finished it so had to leave it behind, but my friends at work bought me a gift voucher for an online book shop so I could shop from the comfort of my home (I was under house arrest for the first 3 or 4 weeks) and so I bought a copy to finish it. I have decided to read another Holt - 'Only Human' which is part of a batch of books I was given by a freegler.

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