Friday, 12 June 2009

A ramble

We went to the wood that is close to home this morning. We went as a bit of light exercise mainly, but also to enjoy the wood itself. It's not a particularly large wood and we generally walk around it twice. Today it was absolutely beautiful. The bluebells are done, but the bracken is now about shoulder height and the briers are getting stronger. Being a very sunny day, dappled light was coming through the trees and it was truly magnificent. I must remember to take a camera with me in future. We left the main path and walked through the centre of the wood where it is was quieter and it truly was a magical woodland experience. Having worked for the last 30 years, even my spare time has been eroded by work and I have missed so much, but this year I have watched the earth wake up after winter and I recommend it to everyone!

Been to the gym today. I go 3 times a week for aerobic exercise. Before the heart attack I was running every day but getting nowhere. After I was sent for cardiac rehab which involves gym work and after 4 years (nearly) I can now run 6k. I have an ambition to run 10k. We went on holiday for a week and on getting back we had a manic week getting ready for our 12 year old (as is now) birthday so I had a fortnight out of the gym. Before the break I was running 6k at 10.7kph. After my third attempt in getting back to the gym, I managed 6k today but only at 10.5kph. It has come as a big surprise to me how quickly I have gone downhill - it can't be my age! Can it? Still next week should be able to try the 6.5k. The gym is a big thing for me now because after gym life is a lot more comfortable. My dad died of emphysema and all too often my breathing makes me think of his suffering. Not Pleasant!

We lifted a whole host of Montbretia today as it starts to take over. We have put them out on Freegle and are having a bit of a parade of people collecting. I really hope they enjoy them as we do.

Had a call today from a local ethical store - selling organic and locally produced food - with a view to helping them with an online shop. They are a small outfit and it came as a surprise to them about how much it will cost for hosting and certification. I have volunteered so come pretty well free, but they will need to put up some money every year - possibly around £150 but deals can be done. Hopefully they can bite the bullet and go with it - I think they could succeed as they even do free delivery locally on bikes!

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