Thursday, 18 June 2009

City Centre

Went into Derby today. Derby is a 'pretty' little city but the architecture varies from some very early buildings that house or once housed some very 'reliable' institutions to some very modern buildings that, to put it politely, not many people understand. While walking into the city today I was struck by the geese beside the river.

The number of geese was far more than we normally see and there was a bit of variety amongst them. I am not an expert but I believe that we see a couple of pink footed geese amongst the canada geese.
We also saw quite a number of goslings with some of them looking oddly marked. Something that struck us about the goslings was that they seemed to being looked after by the rest of the flock and not just their own mothers.

Although this little fellow is odder still and I believe it is with the white goose, which I also believe, is an escaped domestic goose. I do need to apologise for these photos though as they were from my mobile which is only VGA compatible. But it is nice to get some image when you hadn't expected to want a camera at all.
Although you cannot help but love these little fellows. They were being used to raise money for disabled children although I totally fail to see the relevance. SOC loved this and without the camera she wouldn't have seen it.

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