Friday, 26 June 2009

Nearly a week gone by..

And it's been a busy week. Not done a great deal in the garden, although we have cleared some London Pride to fellow freeglers and the alderman peas have needed tying up again. They can grow to 5 feet and they now stand about 6 feet and climbing. I have also been looking at the shop for the ethical store and am pleased the way that is looking, although there is more work than I thought.

It's been a frustrating month in some ways. With SOC's birthday, Holidays, Father's day and gymkhanas I haven't been to see the trains and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms. You can see some of the trains at

One positive this week though is that I can now get in my garage! - I have been tidying it up so I can start some of the projects I keep thinking about - including that clock! Still looking out for hardwood offcuts.

All This gym work seems to be paying off though.

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