Sunday, 21 June 2009

Another weekend

Been a fun weekend SOC went riding Saturday and then in a pony club gymkhana on Sunday. Sunday was also Father's day of course so got some grief from FOC for not being at home when she wanted to come round. Hey ho - kids! Well Saturday we went to see the in-laws and I had a couple of jobs to do. Job one was straight forward - re lay a couple of slabs. Second job was to replace a fascia panel on his conservatory that had rotted through. I started this this job to find the board below the fascia also needed replacing so the job doubled. I then found the guttering was not properly secured. The gutters were blocked. He want the moss scraping off the corrugated plastic roof and passed me a collapsing rake that only wanted to collapse, so I had to fix that. Got to clearing the roof and called down, "Have you applied a patch to this roof?" - "No" - "Well there's a piece of corrugated plastic floating loose - are you sure you haven't patched it?" - "Yes I have" - Doh! So next I had to go up and patch the roof again. And so the catalogue went on. Fun in deed.

I said the wife said I was becoming a Victor Meldrew.. Guess what I got for Father's day - a One Foot In The Grave Book! About the making really so it could be quite good. SOC got me a Dangerous Book For Boys - Things To Do! Now I can make a tree house. Well I have made one already and will later add a piccie, in fact must put up some of the things I've made in a photo album maybe? FOC got me 'The Italian Job 40th anniversay edition" but the crowning glory has to be The Railwayman's Diesel Manual. It looks like being really good reading!

When FOC came over to see me she showed me a bleb on one of her tyres. I could not believe she was running on it! Dad, well what are dad's for?, then set about changing it. She passed the wrench while I jacked the up and she found the locking wheel nut. My word the nuts were tight! I had to jump on the wrench to shift them and I had flashbacks to kick starting my Norton Commando 35 years ago! Got them undone and the car jacked and the wheel wouldn't move. I was struggling to breathe and it was beginning to look like a job for the RAC but I went to get a persuaderometer from the garage. A 22lb sledge hammer - tapped the wheel a couple of times and off it came. Time to put the spare on and she produces this 'thing' - A mint condition extending bar and sockets! "Why didn't you find this sooner?" - "Would it have made things easier?" - "Where did you get it?" - "HE was throwing it out and it was shiny so I thought I would have it" - HELP me PLEASE! Job complete - advice on replacement given and superman flies off into the distance. Well to some carrot cake and low fat cheese with icing sugar! - Don't knock it if you've not tried it - it was beautiful and thanks wife.

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