Monday, 15 June 2009

What was all the fuss.....

We did Pony Club today and at 17:55 the lightning and thunder started (Why do people say Thunder and Lightning? The lightning comes first because of the relative speeds. It's even first alphabetically. Why then?) and they all retreated to the cabin and did indoor stuff. They did a rising trot (apparently) by hopping round the cabin like bunnies. Then they did 'putting a tail bandage on'. SOC was key to this as she is the only one with hair long enough to be a ponies tail and they couldn't get Enoch in the cabin. Nett effect? All our efforts for a body protector in time for today were unnecessary. Is there a complaint box for God somewhere?

Went to the wood again today (and forgot to take the camera - sorry) but half way there it tried to rain. In T-shirts we carried on and under the leafy canopy we kept dry. By the time we left the wood the rain had given up and we were back to brilliant sunshine.

I went to the gym and tried my 6.5k but I chickened out at 6.3. I might have been able to continue but I decided it was still a personal best and I would call it a day. See what Wednesday brings.

While waiting for SOC this eveing I all but finished 'The Chapel at the Edge of the World'. It's a shame but I won't be marking it high at all. It's not actually in print yet as I have an uncorrected proof so that I can review it before publication. I have read a few like that recently and while it is a privilege it is also a gamble that you end up with a book you don't like.

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