Saturday, 13 June 2009

A weekend

Today starts duller than yesterday but dry for now which hopefully it will stay as this morning our second only child (SOC) has a riding lesson, which she enjoys immensely. She loves Enoch, though lately she has ridden Benny who is slower, more independently minded and difficult than just about any pony in the stable. He does make it more of a challenge and when she rides him her improvements are more noticeable.
SOC on Benny

SOC on Enoch

After that we will go and see the in-laws. Since we married I saw little of my parents because my mother strained our marriage whenever she was around. This straining was as much my difficulties with her as my wife's and so I visited them rarely out of my choice. It was difficult for me as I really had a much stronger bond with my father who was a fantastic father. My mother passed away about 21 years ago and my dad 12 years ago. The result of this the in-laws have been sort of replacement parents to me. As they get on we try to help them more without taking over their lives. He is 89 and still mows his lawns once a week and he has a very large area of grass - about 4 times more than we have. They are also active gardeners but have an annoying practice of planting whole packets of seeds for the 2 of them. That makes a LOT of cabbages. I enjoy it - and it's mean of me - when I can bring him over (I don't like him driving) and show him our successes when they are better than his.

Homework will be the order of the day for SOC and she started maths last night. She asked for help and I showed her some answers to her homework which is based on year 9. She is year 7 and very bright (don't tell her I said it). It's nice when I help her - not with the answers but in how to get them.

Otherwise we expect some freegle visitors for plants and a quiet day - which is nice.
The day turned out fine for the riding lesson and SOC handled Benny very well. He starts to realise that he is not always boss. Bad news though - in a way - there is to be jumping practice on Monday in Pony Club and she doesn't have a body protector. It's not essential but VERY highly desirable. Chased around 4 places trying to get one but they don't fit. She is an awkward size. Trying the friends on Freegle but it's a 1 in a million chance.

Went to see the in-laws and got back late because of the body protector and had to compromise on tea. I watch my cholesterol now - it used to be 6.7 but now it's 4. I keep fats as low as reasonable but watch my omega 3s, eat my fruit and such fats as I can I take as monounsaturates. Obviously I can't avoid saturates totally but I keep them as low as possible. I don't like compromise - I don't suppose we are supposed to really. I will have to behave more tomorrow.

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