Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The holidays are here

SOC has finished school for the summer and for a while we must adjust. She is spending a lot of time doing stuff with friends - dance lessons, cinema, visiting their houses, having them over etc. Last night was a pony club night and she jumped on a new pony for the first time! I think she grew 3 inches in the hour and a half! Max still seems to be favourite but he has competition.

We holiday in the UK. It's what God wants! Let me explain... when FOC was 10 months old we went to France, by ferry, and a force 10 wind was blowing. It was one of the longer crossings and the entire crew were doing the tummy chuck let alone the passengers. The noise of the air trapped against the ship's plates was horrendous and the trip was less than pleasant. We spent 2 glorious weeks in Brittany and coming back..... a force 9 was blowing. Tell me that wasn't a sign. Later I had to fly to Edinburgh on business (why we couldn't drive I don't know) and a frequent flyer I was flying with said it was the worst weather he had experienced in a plane. Tell me I'm wrong now! Well FOC is holidaying in the US. First in Vegas and then LA and going to the grand canyon. She was to fly at midday yesterday and didn't because the engine wasn't right. I got a text saying 'we are delayed with an engine problem and a mechanic is smacking the engine now - about an hour late'. That became an hour and a half and they would miss the connecting flight. It then became that they would get a new plane (I breathed a sigh of relief) and be about 5 hours late. This morning I got an email:-
It took some doing! Our flight finally left at 8.30 uk time landed at lax 10.40pm local time. Then immigration and luggage (which fortunately had transferred planes with us) Trekked across the airport to the terminal for domestics to find that there were no flights until 6am, and we couldn't buy a ticket until the desk opened for checkin for that flight.

So first phoned vegas hotel to explain we would be late and please don't give our room away, finding the number took some doing (website is flash and the Iphone doesn't support flash) then called dollar car rental to sort a car, got shuttle from lax to their depot, got car about 1am driven straight through. Now really really on wrong time zone.

Slept on plane in uk night, driven through US night.

Anyway we are here, going to get some sleep and then get up for breakfast.


That is mostly unedited and she does avoid this 'text speak' when texting and emailing me or wifey which we appreciate. However at times like this I get to more understand why we don't holiday outside the UK. I do love the UK and all it has to offer!

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