Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Going Away

SOC is going on camp today. She's 12 and has stayed away from home about 5 times. The first 2 times were for PGL (Parents Go, Leave us apparently). They were 2 nights away and the whole school year went (WOW like 13 kids!) and they had an 'adventure' break. Travel Friday morning, activities Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning. She was a bit homesick when the lights went out (they all were) but they stuck together and helped each other through. No-one helped us through it though. She's had a couple of 'sleep-overs' and been happy as Larry with relatively little 'sleep' - obviously a misnomer! This time it's one night in a tent and activities today and tomorrow before returning. Sharing a tent with 6 best friends. It doesn't seem to get easier for us though!

Ho hum, don't brood.

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