Saturday, 18 July 2009

She's back!

She came back from camp having thoroughly enjoyed it. Being away from home with her mates was what really scored the points and I think we all new that, including school who organised it.

Wifey had breakfast in bed when SOC wasn't at home and she had breakfast in bed (hereinafter referred to as BiB) again today. She will have BiB again tomorrow. SOC has 3 more days at school before the long summer hols and after that I expect wifey will have BiB for 6 weeks! Why do I do it? Oh I remember now - it was something to do with that vicar 31 years ago!

SOC rode Max in the riding school today and she did well (my opinion at least). I find this upsetting because.. I have ridden 5 times now: 2 half hour lessons 1 on Polo and 1 on Max (Polo is no longer in the school), once on a pony trek on holiday (what a trek that was!) and once on a 'hack' from the riding school and that was on Max. Max is a lovely animal and if I go in the school again at anytime then it will be with SOC and she will get Max and I will be burdened with a lesser steed.

FOC is off to USA a week tomorrow for her 30th birthday. She seems to have a problem with this, which is a bit sad. She's going to Las Vegas and the grand canyon and stuff. She likes swimming with dolphins so I must google to see how many dolphins there are in the grand canyon. Wifey is concerned lest FOC returns with swine flu (what a terrible name). The thing I find amusing is her companies attitude towards swine flu. For a week after their return they cannot go within a meter of anyone else, masks must be worn on public transport, 4 day isolation if they've been on a plane and no handshaking anymore. What the rules are about more intimate contact I don't know but her partner works in the IT secion of the company!

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