Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Things to do...

Been down to see one of the projects I have been helping on.

Doesn't it look beautiful? She has a long way to go to being finished, but she is a drop sided 1959 Morris. We are short of boarding to finish the sides and tail but a friendly freegler believes he may have some to help so we are keeing our fingers crossed!

The workshop, at the moment, is just stuff in the middle of the floor and it really needs a way to get things in order, so we are trying a few friendly freeglers to get old kitchen units, that normally go in landfill or on bonfires, to get work surfaces and proper storage places to get it workable.

Another project is SOC's playhouse. She got it when she was about 5 for her birthday and we kitted it out for her. That was about 7 years ago and her tastes have moved on a bit! It was painted green (for the grasss and ground) and Blue (for the sky) and she had added birds, sheep and stuff. Well now she wants it purple. Roof, walls and floor! Ok but when you are in there you forget which way up you are! The old table and chair went to a freegler who posted a wanted for their one and a half year old the day after we decided to finish with them - that is coincidence.

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